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Nomad The Ridgeback

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Nomad The Ridgeback

The unique shape and original design of the Nomad The Ridgeback jigs create an exciting new jig action. It can be worked as a slow pitch jig with a flick of the rod tip or worked fast as a high-speed jig. The unique angled head design creates an erratic sideways darting movement at the top of each lift of the rod, just give the rod a little flick at the top, and the ridgeback darts sideways and then flutters a little before falling again. When used slowly it will flutter before starting to sink quickly, making it ideal for slow pitch jigging applications. Work it fast or slow and it will shoot off to the side giving an erratic action both pelagic and bottom-feeding fish cannot resist.


This through-wire system has the wire bend around a set of extra plastic supports internally, making the wire less likely to separate from the lure body, and ensuring ultimate strength. The through the wire is also welded at both ends to ensure you never lose that big fish.

BKK hardware means confidence with every hook set. Every hook made contains the expertise and craftsmanship of over a hundred
years of hook making and gives you the ultimate confidence when fighting big fish.

The ridgeback is the perfect crossover jig allowing use as a true slow pitch jig, with a unique shape that flutters on the sink but with a body taper also allowing faster retrieves and actions.

We ensure that the painting process and the quality of the finish on all lures are protected and likely to last longer by applying 3 final coats of a super tough clear resin to the outside of all lures. It provides additional color depth and ensures that the finish on your lure will last longer.


200g, 40g, 60g, 80g


Chartreuse White Glow, Crimson Tide, Full Glow Pink, Fusilier, Silver Glow Strip, Yakka



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