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Megabass Kanata SW 160mm – 31g

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Megabass Kanata SW 160mm – 31g

The KANATA jerkbait is a heavyweight 1oz lure measuring 6 1/3 inches (16cm) and designed to entice larger fish. Its flat side body has been expertly tuned to create immense flash, whether burned over grass beds or worked with the same technique as the popular Vision Oneten.

Thanks to its streamlined and slender body, the KANATA creates minimal resistance and can be retrieved rapidly without causing undue strain on the angler’s wrists and forearms. When combined with a Medium Heavy setup, the KANATA’s sharp rod work generates energetic darting action with significant side-to-side movement, water displacement, and appeal. Moreover, the KANATA’s forward travel is less than the Oneten, and when paused, it lifts its head before rising horizontally, providing an unusual action.

The KANATA’s high-pitch rolling action with a flashing visual appeal is particularly evident during a straight retrieve. Its aerodynamic shape and custom-fitted Megabass original Tungsten Triple Oscillating moving balancer system enable long, effortless casts, making it an ideal choice for targeting wily monster fish from afar.

Overall, the KANATA SW is a unique and impressive addition to the jerkbait game, with a new size and sensation that will undoubtedly attract even more significant catches.

Max. Running Depth: 2.2 m


Do Chart – Yellow, GP Sitrus Chart Head, PM Chart Back



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