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Megabass Kanata +1 SW – 160mm

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Megabass Kanata +1 SW – 160mm

KANATA+1 SW is a diving model with a maximum depth of 3.2m, increasing the range of the standard KANATA SW by 1m. Despite its large size (160mm), retrieve resistance is surprisingly light, enabling its responsive action to be deployed for high-tempo searches with minimal fatigue.

KANATA’s high pitch roll action has been further refined, producing a natural, tight wave action and realistic flickering appeal that is often so difficult to achieve in such a large body. KANATA+1 SW can be used from high footholds such as embankments and offshore breakwaters to attack the lower range, bringing the fight to sea bass and bluefish that have gone deeper during the day in pursuit of larger bait.

KANATA+1 SW is a high-impact minnow that harnesses its outsized presence and natural swimming action to stimulate the predatory instincts of target fish, questing farther, wider—and more deeply.

Max. Running Depth: 3.2 m


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