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Nomad Design Shikari 145mm – Slow Float 30g

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Nomad Design Shikari Lures

The Shikari is a long casting, suspending, shallow diving jerkbait boasting an internal moving tungsten weight transfer system designed to perfectly balance the lure. The internal weight rolls back to the tail when casting to maximise distance, and then rolls forward when being retrieved to perfectly balance the lure and keep it level when suspending.

The Nomad Design Shikari lures can be twitched hard on the retrieve to produce an erratic action where the lure will turn 180° back on itself in a classic strike trigger action. The suspending Shikari  will sit perfectly still for a cold water bite, yet has action for when the water warms up and fish start chasing. Species from Bass, to Walleye, to Pike and Musky, or really just about anything that swims in freshwater will all be unable to resist the Shikari .  The weight transfer system that will help you get a few extra yards further than most jerkbaits is just the cherry on the top. If you are addicted to the savage jerkbait bite, the Shikari will satisfy even the most experienced jerkbait fisherman.

Outfitted with super sharp BKK Spear hooks, HD ABS System and Triple Shield Protection in some of the best colours. Every Nomad Design lure has been crafted by decades of experience on the water to be tougher, last longer and to catch more fish.


Candy Pilchard, Chartreuse Chrome Orange, Fire Tiger, Pinke Chrome



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